A Wolf in the Dark

Onward he waded into the night, the dusk had set his mind ablaze with questions. How had Midora been breached, the walls of the impenetrable city had been crushed like the cardboard boxes humans were going to invent on a parallel timeline, something only their domesticated cats would come to enjoy.

He was the wolf God; Warg, who dwelt in a city filled with gods, protected by a wall built by gods. And yet the city had fallen and the gods were forced to flee into creation to protect their lives from the darkness of The Wayward, a demonic hoard so immensely powerful, it made the gods tremble. It was not just the city of Midora that was under threat; it was creation in its entirety. The Wayward were existentialists to a point, they wanted all of existence to be wiped out. Wiping themselves out when nothing was left was apparently the ideal that the Trancers -elite nobles of the wayward – believed in.

As he ran through the night he saw the sky illuminate with flashes of divine energy so immense that it assumed the consciousness of gigantic beasts, beasts caught in a struggle for dominance, the sky their battlefield.

Each God, Angel and Wayward’s energy manifested itself in the shape of the beasts that represented their personalities. The magnificent leopards of the Leo Corps – archangels of the highest level – attacked the demonic heard, that took the form of huge wildebeests that ravaged the sky itself. Dragons rained Din’s Flame upon all who waged war.

Warg was the last of the wolf aspects, his pack had been wiped out by the Master of the wayward, Killeron him. Warg was on his last mission, a mission to bring back Light to the world that was now as dark as the time before the creation of light.

He ran on until he reached an isolated glade, the trees of which surrounded a little stream – making it a cozy spot if it wasn’t for the unnatural darkness that consumed the land. In the darkness he sensed Killeron weakened from the battle with The Pack, regaining his strength. The wolf god growled in a low grating tone, and charged into the glade, he bit into the throat of the beast, if an aspect of energy had a throat at any rate. As his teeth sunk into the core of the beast a light emanated from the body of the wolf, illuminating the glade around him, the light wisps regained awareness, they spread around the glade sucking the darkness from the shadows. They floated to the periphery of the glade eating the malignant darkness.

The warg had defeated Killeron, as he stood in his glade – victorious – he glowed with the light of creation.

Warg the lone wolf, shepherd of darkness, Master of wisps, had come into his own.



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