One sultry afternoon along the banks of the Nile there was a serpent that slithered along the thrushes, she knew not where she was heading or why, all she felt was the ‘call’.  The memories of her race had told her about it, but now she was under its spell, over come with millennia of instinct, she slithered on. The blood that coursed through her vains boiled with an intensity that overcame her reason. Driving her to complete “the ritual of the golden moon.” only possible when the moon took on its eerie golden glow once every few thousand years. It was as if nature itself willed her to perform this sacred right of passage, the united force of the cosmos itself propelled her destination.

The Sun God rode his chariot ever closer to the horizon, Helios glowed a fiery red, like he knew the firmament was shifting, his kin was about to awaken on earth and he had to go to the other side of the world. He shrouded the serpent in the last rays he could muster, he knew her life after the ritual would be treacherous and full of strife. He wanted to give her what strength he could, before she was consumed by the night.

The serpent slithered into a cave just by the banks of the river, as it slithered past the threshold  it took on a golden hue that emanated from its very core, radiating of its skin, fishermen that saw it from their boats on the river called it “Touched by Helios.” A few of the braver ones went to investigate the scene, but when they entered the cave there was no snake, just a woman of unusual beauty. Under her eyes she had skin that resembled scales, but even as the Egyptian fisherman gazed upon her – the markings dissolved into her skin. Her hair was sprinkled with embers, her lips a luscious red that brightened up the cave itself, and her skin gave of this glow that made her almost luminous in the pitch black.

Alone she stood in the middle of a stone circle, surrounded by the awestruck fishermen at the circles periphery.  One of the men – overcome with emotion – threw down his camera and fell to his knees, bowing before a presence even he could sense was beyond him. The other men followed, all of them recognized a power far greater than an mortal could possess.
Serra, serpent princess of the sun had awakened

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